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    • Motorcycle Accident in Roswell $1,400,000.00

      A $1.4 million dollar settlement in 2019 for a Roswell man who sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico. The client sustained multiple injuries including bilateral hip fractures and a traumatic brain injury.

    • Semi-Truck Accident $1,400,000.00

      A 1.4 million dollar settlement for the family of a ten year old girl who was killed in an accident with a semi-truck on Interstate 40, and for a teenage girl who was left paralyzed as a result of the accident.

    • Motorcycle Accident in Rio Arriba County $1,200,000.00

      A combined $1.2 million dollar settlement from the State Highway Department and the client’s uninsured motorist coverage for multiple fractures and traumatic brain injury caused when the motorcycle collided with the roadway gate.

    • Rio Rancho Off-Road Accident $1,050,000.00

      A $1,050,000.00 settlement with the City. Our client broke his neck and was paralyzed as a result of single-vehicle accident on a dirt road inside the boundary of a city park. The payment of $1,050,000.00 by the City was the maximum amount that the City was liable to pay to our client and his family based on the state law limit on monetary recovery under the NM Tort Claims Act.

    • Pedestrian Struck by Car in Parking Lot $1,000,000.00

      A one million dollar settlement for an elderly woman who was struck by a car and severely injured while walking in a grocery store parking lot.

    • Wrongful Death Shooting $950,000.00

      A $950,000.00 settlement with the City of Albuquerque for the family of a man who was wrongfully shot in the back by a police officer with the Albuquerque Police Department.

    • Inadequate Road Maintenance $750,000.00

      A $750,000.00 settlement for a Rio Rancho woman who sustained a severe and permanent brain injury when a rock fell through her windshield after it fell off a cliff adjacent to the roadway.

    • Car Accident in Albuquerque $607,468.25

      A $607,468.25 settlement for a family of three, one of whom sustained a fractured hip in a motor vehicle collision caused by the negligence of another driver who failed to yield the right of way.

    • Sidewalk Fall Accident $480,000.00

      A $480,000.00 settlement for an Albuquerque man who fractured his ankle when he slipped on loose gravel on a sidewalk.

    • Motorcycle Accident in Santa Fe $437,500.00

      A $437,500.00 settlement for a woman who sustained a traumatic brain injury and a broken wrist in a motorcycle accident caused by a company truck that failed to yield the right-of-way.

    • Albuquerque Motorcycle Accident $300,000.00

      A $300,000.00 settlement for an Albuquerque man who, while riding his motorcycle, was hit by a vehicle driven by an employee of an auto repair shop who was recklessly driving a repaired vehicle on a test drive.

    • Car Accident in Rio Rancho $250,000.00

      A $250,000.00 settlement for a Rio Rancho woman who received a rotator cuff shoulder injury in a 2012 car accident in Rio Rancho.

    • Bicyclist Hit By Car $200,000.00

      A $200,000.00 settlement, which was the maximum available insurance, for a Rio Rancho gentleman who sustained serious injuries including a fractured hip when a car failed to yield the right-of-way and struck him while he was riding in a designated bike lane.

    • Corrales Car Accident $180,000.00

      A $180,000.00 settlement for a Corrales woman who sustained a shoulder injury resulting in surgery from a car accident in Corrales, New Mexico.

    • Rio Rancho Car Accident $150,000.00

      A $150,000.00 settlement for a Rio Rancho woman who sustained an injury to her shoulder caused by another driver failing to yield the right-of-way on Highway 528 in Rio Rancho.

    • Rio Rancho Uninsured Motorist Case $110,000.00

      Obtained a recovery of $110,000.00 in uninsured motorist benefits for our client. Client injured her shoulder in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by an uninsured driver. She had shoulder surgery. Her auto insurance company had initially offered her only $15,000.00 in uninsured motorist benefits.

    • Drunk Driver $110,000.00

      A $110,000.00 settlement for a Rio Rancho woman hit by a drunk driver.

    • Trip-and-Fall in Hair Salon $75,000.00

      A $75,000.00 settlement for a Rio Rancho woman who broke her wrist when she tripped and fell on an electric cord in a hair salon.

    • Slip-and-Fall at Apartment Complex $62,500.00

      A $62,500.00 settlement for an Albuquerque woman who slipped and fell on snow and ice in a parking lot of an Albuquerque apartment complex.