Who Recovers in a Wrongful Death Suit?

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In New Mexico, a wrongful death is one caused by any wrongful or negligent act and is essentially a personal injury suit filed by the survivors of the deceased. Specific statutes govern how damages are recovered in such a suit and who may be eligible to file one. What you need is an experienced Rio Rancho personal injury attorney who can determine your eligibility in filing a wrongful death claim and fight to recover compensation for your losses in court.

With more than a quarter-century of legal experience, Goodwin Law Office has a proven track record of successfully handling injury claims. In fact, the firm has been able to recover millions of dollars on behalf of the injured. Attorney Goodwin is so confident in his ability to recover compensation that he will not accept any payment until the case is won.

Who may file & who can recover?

Only the deceased’s personal representative may file a wrongful death claim, who may be named in their estate plan. However damages which are awarded are held by the estate.

The estate holds the damages for the benefit of:

  • The spouse if no children exist
  • The spouse who will receive half and half is awarded to the children or grandchildren
  • The children or grandchildren if no surviving spouse exists

If no spouse or children exist, the child’s parents receive the damages. If no parents exist, the damages will go to any siblings of the deceased whether the deceased is a child or adult.

Do Not Hesitate to Retain Quality Representation

You need to speak with a dedicated Rio Rancho personal injury lawyer as soon as you lose a loved one—you have only three years to file a wrongful death claim before the statute of limitations will expire. While this may seem like plenty of time, the legal process can be very lengthy and the other side’s counsel will often drag their feet in order to breach this deadline.

If you have lost a loved one, a wrongful death suit can cover various economic and personal losses such as funeral and burial expenses and loss of companionship. Goodwin Law Office has the experience and skill needed to recover what you deserve.

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